Do you want to experience more TEAM at work? How about more team in other areas of your life, such as family or community? Do you manage a department where getting things done feels like a constant struggle? Do you feel communication overwhelm, where there are too many meetings and emails? Are people in your organization more reactive then proactive? Is everybody stressed to their limit? 

What if things could get done with less energy and effort? What if you could not only achieve more efficiency and effectiveness, but innovate as you go to create systemic change and new possibilities for the future? 

Make it a priority to begin to shift your group into a TEAM – you’ll not only love the way TEAM works; you’ll love the way TEAM feels as your getting the work done! 

A group is motivated by self-interest, but a team is motivated by shared interest. Here are 5 great tips to get your group moving toward TEAM:

Tip #1: Don’t pretend to be a team, answer the question:
“Are we going to be a group or are we going to be a TEAM?”
Tip #2: Develop a common vision and write down shared goals
Tip #3: Develop and Maintain a Standard of Respect
Tip #4: Run Great Meetings
Tip #5: Practice and Hone Communication Skills

Choose TEAM it feels better!