ABC Massachusetts 2018 Board Leaders


Great Meeting You...

It was a gift working with you all last week in Boston. We had such a great day of learning, conversation and discovery. We hope that you enjoyed From Group to TEAM and Robert's Rules Made Simple. Attached below is the follow-up content that we promised during our training. We are providing this information to keep the TEAM conversation alive RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!! Take a deep breath as you reflect on all that we co-created. We are excited for your board and look forward to supporting you as you step into greater TEAM leadership at ABC. 

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Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. 

Group to TEAM is committed to helping boards and organization "build a powerful culture of TEAM". Enjoy this video as Susan and Freeman talk a bit more about the importance of your board modeling TEAM. Your ABC board is going to set the energetic context for your state and we encourage you to choose to model TEAM. 

TEAM is a daily choice. TEAM is an aspiration. TEAM is an experience. TEAM is the ability to hold a powerful and empowering CONTEXT for the members of your ABC Association.

Robert's Rules Made Simple

Robert's Rules of Order is a powerful TEAM building tool. It can help you run more powerful and professional meetings that will support you in getting more work done. Click below to watch an accelerate version on Susan Leahy MA CSP Robert's Rules Made Simple online training webinar.  

Susan's Gift to you.....

Click here to enjoy a free copy of Susan's Confident Public Speaking Audio Training. This is a fun, entertaining and practical audio training, full of public speaking tips and techniques. ENJOY!