Who Is 'group to TEAM Leadership Solutions'?

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions was founded by Certified Professional Speaker, Susan Leahy MA, CSP and business coach Freeman Michaels MA. Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions initiates a deeper conversation about what it takes to build viable, self-sustaining, teams.  The conversation activates an individual inquiry that can lead to profound  personal and professional transformation.  This conversation tends to have an impact on every area of a person's life. Freeman and Susan express their commitment to leadership in their families, in how they show up in their communities and how they conduct business.  Susan and Freeman believe that the world would be a better place, companies would be more successful, families would be stronger and communities would be more united if the individuals within those systems were more capable and committed to creating and generating TEAM.


Susan and Freeman are the founders of this powerful and refreshing new way of looking at leadership and team building. As co-facilitators of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions live trainings, Susan and Freeman don't just talk about team, they model it.  Their unique co-facilitating style, coupled with engaging exercises and activities, creates a powerful experience of TEAM!


Co-founder, Business Coach, & GTT Master Trainer

Freeman Michaels MA loves supporting success, drawing out the gifts and talents of his clients and maximizing their full potential.  As Freeman puts it, "success comes down to habit - we develop healthy habits when we organize our choices around a sense of vision and develop the practices and standards to embody leadership."

A one-time soap opera star, real estate developer and high school teacher, Freeman brings a unique background and perspective to corporate training and coaching.

Before co-founding GTT, Freeman had done executive coaching and corporate training with companies such as Kaiser Permanente, CitiBank, Colliers International, PennyMac, Amadeus IT Group, Mobolize, and Integrated Data Storage, LLC.

Freeman specializes in 'pattern interruption', 'relational intelligence', 'collaboration' and 'team building'. He has extensive background in leadership, innovation, masterminds, and creativity.  

As a former real estate developer and partner at Developer’s Investment Group Inc., Freeman was responsible for managing lots of different personalities across a broad and diverse industry. From building contractors to bankers, investors to clerical employees, Freeman had to communicate and lead effectively. He understands how to hold a big vision and still meet the bottom line demands of everyday operations. He has become an invaluable resource to the corporate executives and private clients whom he coaches.

Freeman holds a BA from Santa Clara University, an MA in psychology from the University of Santa Monica, and is a graduate of UCLA Anderson School of Business MDE Program.



Co-founder, Motivational Speaker & GTT Master Trainer 

Susan Leahy MA, CSP is a Certified Speaking Professional with more then 15 years of speaking, training, management and leadership experience. 

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Susan has provided leadership and communication based presentations and webinars across the globe for such clients as:

  • IAPP (Intl. Association of Administrative Professionals)

  • Designer Brands Australia

  • WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission)

  • Penny Mac Financial

  • CountryWide Home Loans

  • Banamex Mexico

  • Business Management Daily

  • BIA (Builders Industry Association) San Diego

Susan has a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in coaching and consulting from Bastyr University in Washington State.

Susan is the creator of Robert's Rules Made Simple a training organization that has provided Robert's Rules of Order training for thousands of boards across the United States and Canada.  Susan has a unique and practical understanding that GREAT TEAMS run great meetings. 

Susan is currently living between Playa del Carmen, Mexico & Los Angeles CA, with her husband and 2 children, her greatest and most important TEAM. 

Ben Carroll 

Client Development and GTT Trainer


Ben Carroll is the consummate collaborator and life-long learner. As a leader in a variety of fields, he's witnessed what different types of teams looks like when the members are “lit up” and cohesive.  Conversely, he has had the opportunity to work through fractured and defensive elements on teams that he was responsible for leading. 

Before joining our team, Ben served as the general manager of a very popular, corporate owned, restaurant in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, guiding a staff of 85+, fostering professional and interpersonal development. 

Ben has extensive experience coaching and training high performing teams.  He is a graduate of Landmark Leadership Program and advanced courses. He is an accomplished musician, yogi, athlete and writer.

Ben has a remarkable gift for creating a space where people feel supported and inspired to learn and participate.


Sally Cave

Client Relations and Program Coordinator

Sally2 (1).jpg

Sally Cave is passionate about growth and learning.  She is deeply committed to being a team player – offering tremendous support to the Group to TEAM staff and clients, alike.

Sally is a gifted writer with a diverse background as a professional translator (Spanish/English), high school teacher and voice over artist.  She loves being part of the learning process.  She especially loves to see others learn, grow and evolve – improving the quality of both their professional and personal lives.

Sally has a deep respect for culture and diversity.  Raised in the United Kingdom, Sally has traveled the globe, living abroad for most of her adult life.  Her professional experience in several industries, with multiple organizations, in different countries, gives her an insightful perspective on organizational dynamics.

Sally holds a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Portsmouth University, UK and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for Brighton University, UK.

marisa szem-stafford

Client Needs Assessment, Talent Management, Learning & Development and Strategy


Marisa is our specialist in assessment tools, strategic planning and instructional design. With over 20 years of experience in leadership and business development with high level executives, managers and staff, Marisa understands how to design and deliver an organizational effectiveness program. While the Group to TEAM programs have a comprehensive effect on the culture of a company, there are often areas that need special attention, ongoing support or specific follow up training. Marisa is our “go-to” consultant to assess and support the more nuanced needs of an organization.

Marisa holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. She is has certificates of completion in Results Coaching System Workshop, Lominger’s 360-degree feedback tool, Lominger talent identification tool, Emergenetics, and Emotional Intelligence. She is a master facilitator of Partners in Leadership Accountability Training Program and she is a certified Achieve Global Master Facilitator..


Elissa Fisher Harris 

Director of Trainings & Organizational Wellness

Elissa Fisher Harris is a certified personal and corporate wellness coach (CWC, CCWC) and healthy living consultant, specializing in teaching people how to live healthy lives in their body, soul and environment. Elissa views TEAM as a healthy foundation to support nutritious choices and personal vitality.

She has been a long time advocate and educator in the integrative health, wellness and fitness fields, as well as a wellness business consultant, working with integrative health products, professionals and clinics both in the U.S. and abroad.

Elissa provides Group to TEAM coaching and assists in all levels of corporate trainings.

This TEAM is anchored by a powerful, quality based vision

Freeman and Susan understand the power that comes from a team vision.  Their partnership vision guides and directs their choices.  It represents what they are "up to creating" in the world. Susan and Freeman are not just teaching team - they are committed to creating team in their partnership, with their clients and in every area of their lives.  


Group to TEAM Vision & ANCHor

  • We feel safe to be fully human with each other – open, authentic, available

  • We feel seen, heard and cared about in relationship with each other and in the work we do.

  • We hold each other in high regard

  • We see each other as our fullest potential

  • We draw out the best in each other and everyone we work with

  • We work to serve ourselves, our families and our community and the world

  • We LOVE what we do

  • We inspire each other and everyone we come in contact with

  • Our partnership is supported by the universe, and we attract aligned opportunities

  • We generate abundance for ourselves and for those we work with

  • Our partnership is a stand for WIN-WIN

  • We commit to making the world a better place by being and doing our work