The chair of a meeting has the single largest impact on the success or failure of that meeting, yet most meeting chairs receive little to no formal training or support.  

In Susan's webinar series participants learn:

  • The four steps to managing your nervous energy and increasing personal confidence

  • How to keep a meeting on track by balancing both the people and the process side of meetings

  • Tips to deal with difficult meeting participants

  • A simple 3 step process for making effective interventions

  • Advanced Robert's Rules facilitation techniques

The following is the second webinar in Susan's 3 Part Online Training Series. Enjoy!


#2. Understand the fundamentals of Robert's Rules of Order

The Robert's Rules Made SImple Training Solution

American's #1 Robert's Rules of Order Training Resource

The Robert's Rules Made Simple Training Solution is a powerful online training tool that has been used successfully by thousands of board members across the US and Canada to run better, more productive meetings. Susan Leahy MA CSP really knows how to make learning Robert's Rules of Order simple. The Robert's Rules Made Simple Solution is a great resource to provide your conference attendees after they return home to support them with learning Robert's Rules of Order. To learn more about this powerful online training tool visit www.RobertsRulesMadeSimple.com today. 

I think Susan Leahy does a terrific job simplifying Robert’s Rules and her course is the best resource I've come across. I think it's a fantastic resource. If you like the DVD I recommend you purchase a copy for your group.

-Ron Paul

Congressman And Presidential Candidate

#3. How to transition your board from being a group to being a TEAM

Great TEAMs run great meetings and your organization or association will be more effective and get more work done if the members of your board function as a TEAM. At Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions we work with educating and inspiring boards to elevate into the experience of TEAM. To learn more about Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions live and web based trainings visit www.GrouptoTEAM.com



#4. HOW To Serve on a board as a confident Woman

Businesses are more profitable when women Are on the board

Susan Leahy MA CSP is passionate about supporting women to step more fully into their power by elevating their confidence both personally and professionally. Confidence is rooted in the conversation that we are having with ourselves and when we elevate that conversation we impact our confidence in every area of life. It takes confidence to serve on a board and even greater confidence to chair a board and Susan's Confident Woman Program provides practical and real world tools that support women in attaining a greater level of success. 

To learn more about The Confident Woman Program and Susan's keynotes and trainings visit www.SusanLeahy.com

About Susan Leahy MA CSP

Susan Leahy, MA CSP is a Certified Speaking Professional and power house keynote speaker. Her open, fun, practical and playful speaking style invites audiences to generate an experience Right Here Right Now! Susan's "From Group to TEAM” keynote inspires individuals to choose TEAM. Her "Leadership Bootcamp” is an interactive and entertaining look at leadership.  Her “Robert’s Rules Made Simple & Chair a Meeting with Confidence” presentations re-motivate and increase productivity and "The Confident Woman Program” is a keynote Susan created for women that ignites a powerful life changing conversation. Susan is a passionate, powerful and playful woman who will add energy and insight to your next meeting or event.