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The Confident Woman Program Online Live Experience is Hosted by Confidence Coach and Group to TEAM Co-Founder Susan Leahy MA CSP.

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Difficult conversations are a part of life. But do you sometimes find that you shy away from difficult conversations? Or do you jump in and find yourself in a full blown argument? It’s time to learn how to argue with confidence. The world needs more women to argue with confidence.

Listen as Susan encourages you to use arguments as an opportunity to practice letting your confidence flow. Susan talks about her 4 step mental process for dealing with arguments with confidence.

#1. Get Anchored

It is important that when you feel any resistance, anger, or frustration you GET ANCHORED. Remember that your Anchoring Statement is a powerful tool to remind you who you are up to being. This way you can respond to the resistance rather than react to the resistance. When we react, we lose or give our power away.

#2. Commit to creating a WIN/WIN

This step is a powerful tool to get you and the person you are experiencing resistance with on the same TEAM. Remember you could be in an augment with yourself. That doesn’t even matter! This step is to commit to creating a WIN/WIN. In the webinar Susan shares specifically what you can say to move the argument in the direction of generating a WIN/WIN.


#3. Trust yourself and what you are feeling

Take sometime to watch this section as Susan gives a powerful model about how to use your moods as an indicator of whether you are in the Power Over or Power With mindset (webinar 1, 2 & 3). Women have been set up for failure with regard to our emotions and it is time that we start trusting what we are feeling. Our feelings and emotions are not negative if we are able to use them as an indicator that greater acceptance needs to be applied.

#4. Help to clarify requests

Move complaints to a request. Help the argument to get out of blame and recycling the story. Start to guide the discussion towards making specific requests. What do you need and how can I help you? Remember, that helping people make requests moves the argument towards a solution. Just because someone is making a request doesn’t mean that you need to “say yes to the request”! Renegotiate the request until it works for both parties.


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