Thank you for reaching out to gain assistance with your contentious board. Helping to turn your contentious board around is what Group to TEAM and Robert’s Rules Made Simple specializes in!

We have worked with hundreds of board members and board support staff who are caught up in the patterns of dysfunctional boards. We can help you turn contentious meetings into productive and powerful spaces of collaboration and TEAM.

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ie. Personal agendas, personal attacks during meetings, fractions on the board, legal issues and or law suites
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Oakdale Irrigation was engaged in a highly publicized lawsuit against two seated board members. After attending our board development training the entire lawsuit was dropped by the board at their very next meeting.

Most boards never receive any time of quality development about how to handle both the content as well as the context of their duties as a board member. Group to TEAM and Robert’s sets each of your board members up for success!

Board Development Training That Will InCREASE YouR Boards Effectiveness

Offering Robert's Rules Made Simple and Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions is a powerful training solution to support your organizations to run better, more effective meetings while generating the context of TEAM. From Group to TEAM & Robert's Rules Made Simple work at the level of "Mindset & Mechanics". Essentially "Great TEAMs Run Great Meetings" however many times boards get stuck in group and end up getting bogged down with personality conflicts, competing agendas and bad meeting behaviors. If you are doing any board development visit contact us today to learn about how we can support your board in making the energetic leap from being a group of people trying to drive their own self interest to becoming a TEAM of people working towards a shared interest who get more work done.

Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions Building a Culture of TEAM One Person at a TIME!


Success Story

Scotts Valley wanted to breakdown silos and connect the various boards within their city. We accomplished this by having every area of the city involved with this Group to TEAM training initiative. This was the first type of initiative of it’s kind and has credit new connections between the various leadership in the city.

Silos and fractured communication patterns set your board members up for failure. We teach your board members how to reset the context and how to communicate to generate a WIN/WIN.


Success Story

SJSU Research Foundation. The leadership of the foundation found itself having trouble transitioning to new leadership. The leaderships TEAMs meetings were contentious and time consuming. Our training helps to clean up both the context as well as the context of the meetings to help people feel more connected while getting more work done.

Boards experience a massive about of change but there is little to no support when it comes to integrating new board members in with existing board members. This dynamic naturally creates tension. Our training gives your entire board the opportunity to come together as a TEAM.