Welcome to Week 4 of the Confident Woman Program Online Live Experience!

This week we talked about and shared tips and techniques that will help you to speak with greater confidence. We start our workshop by getting anchored and then spend time talking about the importance of your MINDSET when speaking. Are you talking about the past or are you creating the future standing boldly in the FRONT OF YOUR BOAT.

Susan then shares her VOICE EQUATION


Your words plus your tone plus your body language all multiplied by your confidence is what equals your voice. Enjoy watching and reviewing the various tips and techniques that Susan shares about each area of the VOICE EQUATION.

All of the content discussed in this webinar comes from Susan’s Confident Public Speaking Audio training that you can access through your Confident Woman Program training portal.


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Susan leahy is the founder of Group to Team Leadership Solutions Inc.


Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions is a global training and consulting organization that was founded by Certified Professional Speaker, Susan Leahy MA, CSPand business coach Freeman Michaels MA. Through keynotes, customized live trainings, webinars, on-line training products and coaching and consulting services, Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions initiates a deeper conversation about what it takes to build viable, self-sustaining and empowered teams. To learn more visit www.GrouptoTEAM.com