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Embodied Leadership – The Presence of a Powerful Leader

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Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions is a global training and consulting organization that was founded by Certified Speaking Professional, Susan Leahy MA, CSP and business coach Freeman Michaels MA. Through keynotes, customized live trainings, webinars, on-line training products, coaching and consulting services, Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions initiates a deeper conversation about what it takes to build viable, self-sustaining, teams

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IAAP Summit - 2018

Embodied Leadership – The Presence of a Powerful Leader Saturday July 28th, 2018 8:30am-11:30am

2013 & 2014 IAAP Leadership Bootcamp Keynote Speaker Certified Speaking Professional and the creator of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions, Robert's Rules Made Simple and The Confident Woman Program, Susan Leahy MA CSP is back with another interactive, fun and empowering leadership session designed especially for the members of IAAP. This leadership session is called Embodied Leadership – The Presence of a Powerful Leader.

This program will help develop your leadership presence and increase your personal and professional effectiveness.

How you “show up” has everything to do with how you are received by others.  Leadership isn’t something you DO, it is reflected and expressed in your “way of being”. The hardest body to see is your own and so sometimes making small adjustments can produce monumental results.

In this dynamic workshop you will learn 5 factors that will change the way others experience you:

1)    Managing your energy – (open body and conscious breathing) Are you grounded, present and steady?

2)   More than eye contact – what are you seeing when you look at people – are you seeing them through judgments and defensiveness or are you seeing their strengths and possibilities?

3)    Listening Genuinely - What is the quality of your listening?

4)    Speaking “To”, not “At” - Are you speaking to your audience’s listening.

5)    Being Clear About Your Offer or Ask - What is your offer?  If you are asking, are you clear on the gift to the giver?

To reconnect you to Susan's energy and speaking style, enjoy this short video sample from her 2013 IAAP Leadership Bootcamp! Susan is looking forward to seeing you and meeting many new people in Austin TX as she presents Embodied Leadership – The Presence of a Powerful Leader  



Bring Susan Leahy MA CSP and Group to TEAM to your organization. Susan Leahy MA CSP is a certified speaking professional with more than 15 years of speaking experience. She brings practical, real-world knowledge to the stage. She is the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. a training and consulting organization that supports clients to build a powerful culture of TEAM. She is the creator of America's number one Robert's Rules of Order training site and has personally spoken to and trained thousands of board members across the US and Canada on how to use Robert's Rules of Order as a TEAM building tool to get more work done. She makes this otherwise  dull subject relevant and even fun and entertaining. She is also the woman behind The Confident Woman Program, an online training program that was born out of her desire to support women to give themselves greater permission to lead. Susan is high energy, and her presentation style is interactive, fun yet practical and relevant.


Confident Public Speaking Audio Training


The #1 fear in the nation before death and siders is PUBLIC SPEAKING. It is difficult to fully embody leadership if you are worried about what you are going to sound like. So don't miss out on this FREE gift from Susan that will support your continued growth, learning and confidence. Click the button below to sign up to receive a complimentary MP3 download of Susan Leahy's Confident Public Speaking training. This is a powerful and fun tool that will support you to own your presences as a leader! Enjoy!