Group to TEAM & Robert's Rules Made Simple is a powerful training combination. It provides Association board members with practical tools that will help them feel more confident and run more productive meetings.

Robert's Rules training alone is great but setting a powerful context for why we need to learn Robert's is better. Great TEAMs RUN GREAT MEETINGS!

As you know Robert's Rules of Order can be used as a weapon or it can be used as a powerful TEAM Building tool. My training inspires board members to put away personal agendas, deal with personality conflicts and competing priorities and inspire them to choose to operate as a TEAM. 

Group to TEAM & Robert's Rules Made Simple is a powerful keynote or a valuable, multi hour training.

In this training we will talk about the Core Premise of Group to TEAM as well as share the 3 Reflections of TEAM. After setting a powerful TEAM context we jump into giving your board members a Robert's Rules Roadmap. We share “The 7 Fundamental Motions” used in most meetings and give your board members the opportunity to try it on for themselves. 

This program is available as a live training or online webinar. If you are having a board retreat, leadership conference or event we would love to support your board and your association with running better more productive meetings!