Healthy Male/Female Dynamics

A roadmap from Group to TEAM

At Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions. Inc we offer a powerful training tool that is pertinent to the questions posed by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. The male/female dynamic is under scrutiny and is experiencing change. For us personally and professionally, modelling a healthy male/female dynamic is an everyday reality. As a powerful male/female duo, we expertly share the stage and impart a roadmap for businesses that creates the empowerment and integration of the masculine and feminine between parties as well as at an individual level. 

This powerful training removes the focus from the problem by encouraging non-reactive, productive conversations around the difficult areas. Inviting and illiciting people's ideas and collaboration is achieved by focusing on what healthy dynamics between the genders actually look like. Rather than imposing a long list of rules that only serves to create more division, people's ideas and responses are actively enrolled in order to co-create from a collaborative space. This is the essence of the Group to TEAM premise. People co-create from a TEAM and as a TEAM when they share a common goal. People divide and create from a place of self-interest when they are functioning as a group. 

We all desire to experience more TEAM both at home and at work, with our spouses, our kids, our bosses or our staff. Empowered women empower men and vice-versa. The old paradigm of power-over is no longer relevant. A new paradigm of power-with is emerging. We are living exciting times where we can effectively integrate the masculine and feminine both within ourselves and within our TEAMS to become high-functioning. Setting others up for success is the most effective form of leadership. Great leaders inspire co-creation and collaboration to elevate from an unhealthy male/female dynamic into an empowered TEAM.

This program is designed to enrol businesses, leaders, executives and all manner of groups into the conversation of how to truly become a high-functioning TEAM. The conversation has already began with the current movements taking place around the world. Only by utilising these tools to enable these conversations to become productive as opposed to destructive, can we stride forwards into successful integration and collaboration of the male female energy present in all TEAMs and within each individual.