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Greetings! It was great meeting you at ISPA and it was a gift sharing a bit of Group to TEAM with you. Please fill out the following form to receive information about how to bring Group to TEAM and Susan Leahy into your world. Team is an important topic, let us create a program for you that will help every individual to generate more TEAM.

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#2. Team is a powerful mindset

Enjoy this free video where my Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions business partner Freeman Micheals and I talk about how TEAM is a powerful mindset. When you can connect your culture to TEAM then you can start shifting the context RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Your mindset is a powerful tool. 

#1. Get Curious

Be intentional to get curious. Curiosity is how we move our mind from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset. This week as you reflect on this training ask you to reject on the following 3 thoughts:

  • What do youI want to think or feel?

  • Can you commit to say “Hmmmmmmmmmmm” a few more times this week? 

  • Are you open or are you closed as you are listening to people?