Leadership & TEAM Building As

"LolLipop Moments"


When you share a "lollipop moment" you generatE the energy of TEAM!

During the presentation that you participated in brought to you by Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, Susan Leahy CSP and Freeman Michaels shared a powerful TEDx video by Drew Dudley that talks about sharing "lollipop moments" with the people in your life. 

We suggest that you bring this practice of sharing "lollipop moments" into your organization.

At Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions we believe that building TEAM within an organization is simple but it isn't always easy. It is essential to incorporate unique, fresh and authentic, fun ways to inspire action and energy!

Enjoy this powerful excerpt from Drew Dudley's Ted Talk"

"But it is so scary to think of ourselves as that powerful. It can be frightening to think that we can matter that much to other people, because as long as we make leadership something bigger than us, as long as we keep leadership something beyond us, as long as we make it about changing the world, we give ourselves an excuse not to expect it every day from ourselves and from each other.
Marianne Williamson said, “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, and not our darkness, that frightens us.”
And my call to action today is that we need to get over that. We need to get over our fear of how extraordinarily powerful we can be in each other’s lives. We need to get over it so we can move beyond it, and our little brothers and our little sisters, and one day our kids or kids right now — can watch and start to value the impact we can have on each other’s lives more than money and power and titles and influence.
We need to redefine leadership as being about lollipop moments, how many of them we create, how many of them we acknowledge, how many of them we pay forward, and how many of them we say thank you for."

We encourage you to take a moment to re-watch this video and share it with your manager, employees and co-workers. Share "lollipop moments" as a powerful way to generate the energy of TEAM!

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