Susan Leahy CSP - Keynote Speaker

Greetings! Susan Leahy here from Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions & The Confident Woman Program. Thank you so much for attending the Minnesota Bankers Association Women's Leadership Conference! What an great day of networking and learning. 

Provided here is a video that overviews my presentation. I hope that it motivates you to reflect on the content we discussed on May 11th. 

Also, included here is access to my free Confident Public Speaking audio training as well as a pdf copy of my powerpoint for your reference.


Co-Founders & Lead Facilitators Short Bio's


Susan Leahy is a loving, powerful committed woman.  She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Confidence Coach. Susan is the creator of The Confident Woman Program a powerful online program that connects women to their confidence while elevating the condition of women worldwide.  #StrongerWomenBetterWorld

Susan is also the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, a training and consulting organization that supports organizations to build a “Culture of TEAM” by empowering the individual.  Susan understands that great TEAMs run great meetings and she is the creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, North America's #1 Robert's Rules training program. Susan’s Robert’s Rules webinars and online training products are used by thousands of boards across the US and Canada, to run more effective meetings. 

Freeman Michaels MA

Freeman is a powerful, action-oriented, business coach who co-founded Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions with the intention of shifting corporate culture toward TEAM. Freeman was, himself, a one-time business owner managing dozens of people to achieve a common goal.  Now, Freeman combines his real-life business experience, with decades of dedication to personal growth, leadership and transformation, to help companies transform the way they do business. Freeman firmly believes that when TEAM becomes a cultural value, then engagement, productivity and creativity fuel extraordinary results.

I absolutely love this program. I was fortunate to have had the privilege of going to great leadership and team building programs early on in my career. But there’s always only been two that I recommend, Stephen Covey’s and Dale Carnegie’s . Now there is a third: “From Group to Team”. The simple but out of the box approach was very effective for me.
— Executive Assistant - Saddleback College


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