There are Only Two Options: The Premise of Group to TEAM 

It is time to talk TEAM with Susan Leahy MA CSP and Freeman Michaels MA, the co-founders of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions. In this video blog Susan and Freeman discuss a “choice point” where there are only two options, one invites team and the other perpetuates group. 

The key premise of our Group to TEAM training:
There are only 2 options: Group or TEAM

“Everything you do, say, think or feel is either propelling you further into group or it is elevating you into the experience of TEAM.” 

• People naturally organize into groups out of “self-interest” 
• In groups, individuals develop allegiances and alliances to protect or promote their individual “self-interest”
• TEAM comes from a conscious shift to “shared-interest” 
• TEAM comes from deliberate decisions to promote “win/win”
• TEAM relies on a high level of mutual respect, transparency and support
Once we begin to identify the patterns of thinking and behavior that generates team, then every choice that we make is either inviting team or perpetuating group. It is that simple! TEAM requires conscious choice, deliberate action and committed practice. 

“Group is…
TEAM is earned!

TEAM becomes a profound shared commitment, where each person on the team regularly asks themselves: “Am I willing to do what it takes to EARN the right to call this a TEAM?”

We have all had collaborative moments where we have found ourselves in the powerful “flow” state that comes from openly sharing our ideas and talents with others. Those “glimpses” of team, however, are often short lived. Too quickly, we become protective and possessive of our ideas and our contribution. We all want more TEAM in our lives but most of us do not know what it takes to generate and sustain it. 
“Saying you are a ‘team’ does NOT make it so.”
Having a simple understanding that we only have two options (Group or TEAM) allows us to check ourselves at any moment. We can ask ourselves the question: “Does what I am thinking, saying or, doing propel me into group or elevate me and those around me to TEAM.” 
At any moment we can ask ourselves:

“Am I being a person who generates group, right now?”
“Am I being a person who generates TEAM, right now?”

We need to be aware that “group” is everyone’s default setting. When we are not knowingly choosing “group” we are simply caught in our patterns. We don’t have to make any choices to experience “group”. That is why we say, “Group is…TEAM is earned”. Group is where we live most of our lives. It is where we dwell when we are not living a repeated and reinforced commitment to TEAM. We should not get mad at ourselves, or others, for being in “group”…we can’t help slipping back into it. The question is” “how quickly do we recover, and how diligent are we about reminding ourselves of what we really want – TEAM?” TEAM requires us to elevating our thinking, choice deliberately and act in accordance with our commitment to TEAM. 
TEAM will always be a choice. First it is a personal choice. Second it becomes a choice that creates the possibility for others to choose TEAM. We can’t make anyone choose TEAM. We have to choose TEAM for ourselves. We choose TEAM through our thoughts, words, feelings and actions. We become an “offer” – a trustworthy leader who invites others to elevate their mindset and behavior, to create TEAM.

The premise is simple. You only have two options. Choose TEAM…it feels better!