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Greetings.  My name is Susan Leahy and I am the co-founder of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions. We hope that this online proposal gives you a feel for who we are and what we can offer to Oregon Imaging Centers.

This proposal is a starting point to support future conversations with the goal of generating a customized program that will best serve Oregon Imaging Centers in building a culture of TEAM within your organization and planning for the future as a TEAM. Everything offered in this proposal can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. To download a printable PDF of this proposal, click the button below.


Our programs support your people by:

  • Inspiring staff members to choose TEAM.

  • Offering a clear understanding about what attitudes and actions generate TEAM.

  • Giving employees a simple, yet powerful, common language to support sustainable, productive and powerful teams.

Our programs instill a sense of personal ownership, so that each participant takes responsibility for creating and maintaining a TEAM orientation within the organization. 

Third Party Verification by ESpeakers.com

Third Party Verification by ESpeakers.com

Training Module #1 - From Group to TEAM

"From Group to TEAM" is the first training module in our program and constitutes one segment of our comprehensive multi-part series.

Here are the components included in the "From Group to TEAM" program:


The process starts with a customized, online, intake survey. This survey will be sent to each Group to TEAM participant to be completed two to four weeks prior to the training.


Group to TEAM participants will attend a “prep” webinar 7-10 days prior to the live training.  This webinar establishes some of our key principles so that participants enter the training with a foundational understanding of our core premise.  It also introduces the trainers to the participants, forming a familiarity, along with a level of anticipation and positive expectation.


Staff will attend either a daylong or multi-day "From Group to TEAM", in-person, training. This training will be co-facilitated by Susan Leahy & Freeman Michaels. 


After the in-person training, we offer a series of “integration” webinars, conference calls, pre-recorded videos and/or coaching calls to support the integration of the principles and practices into the day-to-day operations of the TEAM.

This unique integration process is a key part of our effectiveness.  Most trainings fail to properly “follow up”, to ensure that the material is enacted by the team.


In order to further support the integration of the Group to TEAM content, we will provide a couple of coaching calls to key leaders at Tapestry. Susan and Freeman are both business coaches who utilize coaching to support the Group to TEAM experience. 


"Leading to TEAM" is the second training module in our program.  This will be delivered to the leadership team as a basis for a strategic planning session. 

In this customized session we will build off of the previous session, as a basis for decision making going forward.  We will also utilize information gathered from the previous training sessions to set up a powerful narrative to reflect back to your team.


In this half-day program a specialist from our team will facilitate a custom designed strategic planning session utilizing aspects of three different approaches, outlined below.

Six Step Strategy Framework:

•  Explore - SWOT activity (Market and Competitor Insights, Patients and Staff Insights, Sales/Profit/#of service performed annually, trends in their industry.

•  Develop Objective -– ID key opportunities and from core competencies.  Could be a Grow / Maintain / Decline framework to land.

•  Explore Alternatives:  critical success factors  (what has to happen for success?)  these could be the strategic levers of business – Services? Pricing? Location / Physical assets? Operating Processes? Customer (Patient) experience? Financials? – would need to understand what these are for their business.

•  Create Action Plan – determine priorities with specific ownership or roles and responsibilities, sequence of activities, due dates, objectives/outcomes  (should address their strategic levers)

•  Implement & Manage – execute the action plan

•  Tracking measures – how will success be measured?  Continuous process for adjustments to action and implementation plan.

Strategy Cascade:

•  Define strategic problem

•  Frame the strategic choice

•  Generate possibilities

•  Draft cascade for each possibility

•  Strategy is the answer to these 5 questions (Cascade):

o What is our winning aspiration?

o Where will we play?

o How will we win?

o What capabilities must we have?

o What systems support our capabilities? 

PEAK / Customer Pyramid – if focus is on acquiring new customers and creating evangelism with their existing patients.  This could be a follow-up activity as well if this becomes one of the priorities if strategic problem we “go with” is either of the two above

•  SEE / FEEL / THINK / DO activity to understand from the lens of the customer (patient)

•  ID opportunities on the Pyramid

  • Meets unrecognized needs > create evangelism

  • Meets desires > creates commitment

  • Meets expectations > creates satisfaction


Here is some sample content from our "From Group to TEAM" training module. The live portion of this training can be offered in either a 1 or 2 day format.  

The Core Premise of "From Group to TEAM"

Premise – You only have two options: 1-group or 2-TEAM. Everything that you do, say, think or feel is either keeping you in group (self-interest) or elevating you to TEAM (shared-interest).


The Difference Between a Group and a TEAM

When people are operating from the mindset of “group”, their choices organize around “self-interest”.  When people operate as a team, they are organizing their choices around a “shared interest”.  Group is the default when people come together, while TEAM needs to be earned. 

The question that our program constantly elicits is: Are you going to do what it takes to earn the right to call yourself a TEAM?


Review the Reflections of a Great TEAM

•  Great TEAMS maintain great communication.

•  Great TEAMS drive great results.

•  Great TEAMS run great meetings.

Integrating the “From Group to TEAM” Steps

1- Ask the Question and Give the Invitation: Are we going to be a group or are we going to be a TEAM?

2- Create a TEAM Definition: What do we want to think or feel as a result of being on this TEAM?

3- Continue to Ask the Question: Are we being a group right now, or are we being a TEAM?

Third Party Verification by ESpeakers.com

Third Party Verification by ESpeakers.com

From Group to TEAM & Strategic Planning SESSION Fee Investment

The cost for this program, delivered via six half-day in-person training, with an intake process, one prep webinar, three integration webinars and four follow-up coaching calls with key leaders is $43,550*. 

*plus travel expenses for 3 trainers


  • Customized intake survey

  • Intake calls with key leaders

  • Preparation webinar with two facilitators

  • In-person training with two facilitators

  • Integration webinar(s) with two facilitators

  • Key Leadership Coaching Follow Up Calls

  • Plus, additional learning content

Next Level Training Options

"From Group to TEAM" is the first training module in the Group to Team training program. After completing "From Group to TEAM" there are subsequent training programs that go further in teaching the Group to Team approach. Here is a brief overview of a supplemental training. 

BUILDING a Culture of TEAm

(click link for more details)

"Building a Culture of TEAM" is the third module in the Group to Team program and the focus of this module is on deepening team respect, trust and appreciation with the goal of building and maintaining healthy relationships that anchor a solid culture of TEAM. This is a powerful process that invites people to commit and recommit to Building a Culture of TEAM!


The key to success, when utilizing professional development programs, is to follow up with support and additional training.  At Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, we offer both.  Our programs are designed to create long-term change, and we offer both supplemental materials and additional support and training.

Materials Overview:

The materials for "From Group to TEAM" include Empowering the Leader in You.  This is an online, self-directed, course that Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions provides to participants after the completion of our "From Group to TEAM" training.

This online training is separated into four video modules and reviews 12 core leadership distinctions.

Participants access and review the contents of the program at their own pace, and can refer to it over-and-over again at their leisure.

One key distinction of our Group To TEAM philosophy is that leadership is not a title.  We believe that every member of the team must take personal ownership for their choices and the impact of those choices. "Empowering the Leader In YOU" has been designed to support team members in taking personal ownership within their organizations and in their personal lives, to produce results. 


Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions offers additional training tools and materials to support participants. We have a Facebook page, with a community of participants who share their on-going experiences.  Additionally, videos, articles and special programs will be shared with participants via email, for several months after the training, to promote continued learning and growth.

Thank you for this opportunity. We look forward to working with Oregon Imaging Centers.


Email: Susan@GrouptoTEAM.com

Phone:  (323) 592-3000

Co-Founders & Lead Facilitators


Susan Leahy MA CSP is a loving, powerful committed woman.  She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) & Confidence Coach. Susan is the creator of “The Confident Woman Program” a powerful online program that connects women to their confidence while elevating the condition of women worldwide.  #StrongerWomenBetterWorld

Susan is also the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, a training & consulting organization that supports organizations to build a “Culture of TEAM” by empowering the individual.  Susan understands that great TEAMs run great meetings and she is the creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, North America's #1 Robert's Rules training program. Susan’s Robert’s Rules webinars and online training products are used by thousands of boards across the US & Canada to run more effective meetings. 

Freeman Michaels MA

Freeman is a powerful, action-oriented, business coach who co-founded Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions with the intention of shifting corporate culture toward TEAM. Freeman was himself a one-time business owner managing dozens of people to achieve a common goal.  Now, Freeman combines his real-life business experience, with decades of dedication to personal growth, leadership and transformation, to help companies transform the way they do business. Freeman firmly believes that when TEAM becomes a cultural value, then engagement, productivity and creativity fuel extraordinary results. 

Jeanne_Bio pic.jpg


Jeanne is our strategy and planning specialist.  She has extensive background working at a high level within several divisions at Gap, Inc. over her 23 year career at the company. The last 10 years, Jeanne was in charge of Gap University (an industry-best corporate global training program).  She has participated in, facilitated, and executed numerous planning sessions.

You don’t have to do anything to be a group, but you have to EARN the right to call yourself a TEAM!           

Sample list of Group to TEAM Leadership Inc. clients:

Jeanne brings a unique combination of practical business experience combined with training and facilitation skills.

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