Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions offers consulting and coaching services to Board of Directors, CEOs, executive teams and specific departments within organizations to support operational goals and professional development needs. Contact us NOW to explore how we might be able to help you develop a stronger TEAM.



Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions utilizes a wide range of platforms to meet EVERY BUDGET.  We offer in-person training seminars, keynotes, breakout sessions and retreats as well as online (webinar) training to match organizational needs and budgets. Our marquee programs focus on Team Building, Leadership Development, Board Development, Healthy Male/Female Dynamics, Women in Leadership and Customer Service.

Board Development Training


Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. provides board development training to support boards in moving from being a group of people pushing personal agendas to a TEAM of board members working towards a common cause. Too many boards spend too much time stuck in power struggles. Power struggles waste time, energy and life! Provide your board with the training that will not only support it to be more productive but to be productive as a TEAM!

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. has partnered with Robert’s Rules Made Simple and every board receives access to The Robert’s Rules Made Simple online training solution, as well as customized support around meeting management.

 From Group to TEAM


Format: This is a powerful co-facilitated training led by Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels that can be a highly effective keynote to kick off a conference or event.  The program is most regularly delivered as a single or multi-day training to shift organizational behavior. The format of From Group to TEAM is very flexible while still retaining the power and impact of the material.   

From Group to TEAM is perfect for:


·       Senior management looking to generate a culture change

·       TEAMs struggling with personality conflicts and drama

·       Managers and employees who need to re-motivate connections

·       Organizations operating fairly well that know there is a higher level

When individuals operate from the mindset of "group," their choices organize around "self-interest."  When individuals operate from the mindset of "team", they organize their choices around a "shared interest."  Group is the default when people come together, while TEAM needs to be earned. 

In this workshop/presentation participants will experience the co-creative nature of team, inviting individuals to participate in the process of developing a team orientation within their department and the larger organization.  This program inspires individuals to take personal responsibility for generating TEAM.  

Freeman and Susan have worked successfully integrating From Group to TEAM into organizations large and small. From the US Air Force training command to Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. This program shifts mindsets and provides a new language that will support individuals in creating the experience of TEAM. 

Leading to TEAM

Format: This co-facilitated training led by Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels works wonderfully as a keynote or breakout at a conference or event.  The program is regularly delivered as a single-day or multi-day training to shift the leadership paradigm within organizations. In addition,  it can also be delivered as a half-day interactive training to get people thinking about leadership in the context of developing and sustaining high performance TEAMS.

Leadership looks different in the 21st Century (the “collaborative age”) than it ever has before.  To stay relevant in this dynamic and ever-changing world, leadership can no longer be about telling people what to do. Leadership, today, is about orchestrating talent. It is about inviting and enrolling people to contribute their energy and efforts to support a common cause.  Leaders must empower their people and include them in decision making, or the best ideas, methods and strategies will be missed.

At one time, when the rate of change was much slower and there was simply less information available, a leader could get away with being an expert who directed people in performing tasks in a stable system.  Today, being the expert means that you are most often operating under “best practices” from the past rather than adapting to the “next practices” that are emerging.

Leaders can (and should) still have expertise and experience, which they contribute to the dynamic process of collaboration.  However, leadership today is far more akin to conducting an orchestra.  It is critical to utilize a range of talent, skills and experience to draw out the best solutions and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business and culture in the 21st Century.

Leading to TEAM is perfect for:

·       Senior management looking to explore a new or deeper understanding of leadership

·       Managers and employees who need tools to help people choose TEAM and operate as a team

·       Anyone looking to become more effective and impactful leaders

This workshop/presentation explores:

-Collaborative Leadership – how to draw out talent, ideas and information

-Social Collaboration – how to support social safety and an optimal work environment

-Information Flow (Teaching and Learning simultaneously) – how to support information and input flow within an organization

-Creating space for something to emerge – organizations must maintain a level of flexibility and adaptability to stay on top of a changing marketplace and allow innovation to naturally occur.

-Embodied Leadership – great leaders don’t manage time or tasks; they don’t even manage people – they manage energy.  They are self-aware and curious – always willing to change and adjust based on circumstances and feedback.

Building a Culture of TEAM

Format: This program, led by Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels, is a wonderful keynote address or conference breakout, exploring the nature of the “co-creation” of company culture.  The program is usually trained as a full-day training in conjunction with our other powerful programs, but can stand alone as a dynamic organizational “reset”.   

When a group of people come together (or are put together) they will automatically co-create a culture, beyond the mission of the organization and the roles that people play within that organization.  While this culture is vital, it is rarely cultivated consciously and deliberately. 

Most organizations rely on a magnanimous personality, generally the founder or CEO of the organization, to set the “context” for company culture.  The organizational leadership expects senior managers to control the culture of their divisions or departments.  What most organizations fail to recognize is that culture is set by the patterns, behaviors and personalities of a vast array of people within the organization – many of whom have no identified leadership role.

Most organizations could use a culture “reset”.  This remarkable program draws out the qualities in the environment that people WANT to co-create, measured against the qualities in the environment that people have co-created.  Interactive processes between team members help define a powerful, energetic, “context” that all of the team members WANT to co-create.  From this point forward, behavior, attitudes and actions are either in alignment with what people say they want, or not.  Team members are given a clear process to gage when they are acting “in alignment” with the shared context, along with a process to get back on track when they “go off course”.

Building a Culture of TEAM is perfect for:

·       Senior management looking to improve company culture

·       Organizations that have morale issues and internal squabbles

·       Organizations that have trouble with employee retention

·       Anyone looking to create a better work environment

This training is remarkably quick and effective.  Companies spend vast sums of money on consultants measuring employee engagement and trying to improve company culture.  This program can have a major impact in just a single session.



Format: This remarkable program is co-facilitated by Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels.  It is often delivered as a keynote address or as a breakout at conferences and/or events.  The program can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or multi-day training within organizations. The program is commonly coupled with the From Group to TEAM training, but can easily “stand alone” as its own program. 

This is a lively and engaging session that is currently extremely relevant.  It can be offered in a variety of formats. The full program is a day and a half workshop with key leaders within an organization.  However, Susan and Freeman can also deliver a very compelling 45-60 minute keynote version of this process. They also have a 2-hour breakout program for appropriately themed conferences.

The power of this course is the process of defining “healthy” in male-female dynamics.  Drawing on their powerful and effective Group to TEAM process, Susan and Freeman use an interactive process to draw out a definition of “healthy” from the participants.  When the audience has a mix of male and female participants, the very process is an illustration of the dynamics being explored – which exposes audiences to “blind spots” in typical male-female dynamics. These short sessions can be very compelling.  People leave the program with a fascinating, ongoing, inquiry and some guidelines to discover and define “healthy” within their organizations. 

In the longer sessions, leaders leave with a solid definition of “healthy”, which begins the process of establishing core values to create and maintain a healthy environment within their organization.  The key leaders learn a powerful method to “crowd source” compatible values from their own departments and teams.  There is a follow-up integration process with this program, that helps the leadership team message the “findings” back to the organization and helps them create concrete steps to embody the values that make and keep the organization “healthy”.

This program involves key components of the Group to TEAM premise – that all organizations can benefit from operating more as a team – coupled with the benefits of having more women in leadership. 

A gender evolution is upon us. A new voice is emerging for women, which invites a new dialogue about the roles men and women take on within organizations. Old models of leadership, with outdated gender stereotypes, are being questioned. More and more organizations are moving out of "command and control" hierarchy and emphasizing collaboration, as a response to a rapidly changing marketplace where innovation and adaptability are vital. Collaborative leadership flourishes with a distinct mindset and skill set. 

Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels, from Group to TEAM Leaderships Solutions, will break down the key components of successful teams with a special emphasis on "why more women need to lead and how empowered women generate greater authentic power in men". In this presentation participants will learn practical skills and techniques to communicate collaboratively. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of male/female compatibility (which tends to replace and/or supersede conversations about equality).

This program is perfect for:

·       Senior Management

·       Organizations concerned with sexual misconduct

·       TEAMs that need to improve communication and collaboration

·       Organizations that do not have appropriate levels of women in leadership roles 

·       Women within organizations who desire to be more confident about the value they create and want to be more impactful at work

This is more than just a program about how to avoid sexual misconduct and improve the interaction of men and women at work.  It is an important program for men and women to learn how to be more successful in the 21st century.

Beyond Customer Service Training

Format: This co-facilitated program led by Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels is a power keynote address or conference breakout.  The program is also trained as a full-day training and/or in conjunction with one of our other powerful programs.  This program is most commonly delivered with our Building a Culture of TEAM program.

There are two fundamental questions that change the conversation about service:

1. Who’s on our customer service team? 

The answer needs to be “EVERYONE” – from the CEO, “up”.  Yes, “up” – in the service orientation everyone is supporting those who are “customer facing” – because the customer is the most important person “in” the organization – the customer is the reason the organization exists. Thus, EVERYONE is on the customer service team, not simply those who may be answering the phones or helping customers choose the right product or service.

2. Who do you serve? 

In an organization that has a service orientation it is important to know who you serve, and how you are serving them.  In reorienting toward serving the customer those who do not directly serve the customer become clear on serving those that serve the customer directly.

Being responsible for more than you are accountable for” – in a service orientated organization every member of the organization has a direct accountability.  People generally refer to one’s accountability as their “job”.  We make a distinction between responsibility and accountability.  The accountability equates to the direct tasks and areas that one is expected to perform.  Responsibility is a choice to be personally vested in a larger mission and/or purpose.  Even though a team member is not “customer facing”, and may never have direct contact with that customer, they are still responsible for that customer’s experience.

Beyond Customer Service is perfect for:

·       Senior management looking to improve the customer experience

·       Organizations that are having a hard time attracting and retaining customers

·       Organizations that have trouble with employee retention and morale.

·       Managers and employees who need tools to help people choose TEAM

·       Anyone looking to become more effective and impactful

This training introduces a new way of looking at the reason for an organization to exist (to serve the customer).  It offers powerful tools that optimize performance by optimizing service.  Besides generating a powerful customer experience, the training supports a culture of team, where everyone feels important, valued and honored for the contribution they are making on a day-to-day basis.

Special Topic Training

Susan and Freeman also offer “special topic training”.  These keynote and breakout sessions (usually 45-90 minutes) are great for conferences and events.  They also work great between programs to keep employees engaged in the basic Group to TEAM principles, while developing additional skills. 

The following are a list of special topic trainings with brief descriptions of the programs:

Chairing a Meeting with Confidence: This program is designed for organizational boards that utilize Robert’s Rules of Order.  In this jam-packed program, participants will review the seven main motions that help meeting chairs keep the meeting running smoothly and effectively.  This is a great program for anyone serving on a board.

Making Meetings Matter: This program offers a powerful process to define the purpose of meetings (even if the purpose is intentionally vague).  The “check in” and “check out” process, taught in this breakout, immediately upgrades the level of engagement of participants.

Better Brainstorming: Most brainstorming is ineffective in eliciting the best ideas.  This unique process draws out the best ideas, often from unlikely sources, every time.

The Power of Effective Feedback: This module is about giving and receiving feedback as the core communication tool to support effective teams.

Conversations for Action – Having Committed Conversations:  This short program can have a profound effect on team performance.  When team members shift from uncommitted to committed conversations, team effectiveness increases dramatically.  This powerful program can have a profound, immediate, effect on an organization.

Speak Fear-Free: With decades of speaking and presentation experience under their belts, Freeman and Susan deliver an excellent program in public speaking.  In a short period of time, Susan and Freeman offer powerful tips and techniques to instantly improve presentation skills.

Self-Awareness – A Key Leadership Practice: When mistakes keep happening within an organization it is a clear indication of a lack of self-awareness.  Collective intelligence requires a certain level of self-awareness, along with social sensitivity.  This quick program outlines the steps to end repeating patterns and upgrade the “operating system” within teams.

The Power of Debriefing: High performance requires rigorous assessment and evaluation.  Most organizations don’t effectively debrief situations to establish not only best practices but next practices. The marketplace is changing rapidly, teams must be able to constantly assess all variables related to performance and regularly make adjustments to innovate and expand the way they do business. This program teaches a powerful debriefing tool, which can have an immediate impact and improve the performance of a team.


Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions programs are especially effective when delivered in multiple day, offsite retreats.  We have a unique three-and-a-half-day program that dramatically impacts participants and improves team performance.  We also offer customized programs to meet unique goals and specific needs. Please contact us to learn more about this program.


Keynote Speaking



Susan Leahy is an NSA Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) who is known for engaging audiences and eliciting a high level of participation. When Susan is on stage, people have fun while they learn.  She skillfully invites audience members to consider how they are personally generating TEAM in their lives.  Audience members consistently report profound realizations stemming from Susan's talks. Susan Leahy's energy enlivens and inspires audiences and her message that "leadership is not a title" is more essential now then ever before. SUSAN'S GOAL IS TO EMPOWER THE LEADER WITHIN!


Freeman is a dynamic and passionate man who crafts entertaining and engaging talks that prompt audiences to explore leadership and the art of generating TEAM. Freeman's grounded, yet engaging, style resonates with everyone from executives to custodial workers. His delivery is energetic yet rooted in sound concepts with practical examples.  No one leaves one of Freeman's talks without something to think about.  The discussions that he launches in his talks have a lasting effect on the organizations who hire him.


How about booking both Susan and Freeman together? While dynamic individually, Susan and Freeman are incredible as a team.  They don't just talk about team they "live it".  If you desire to offer something new and refreshing to your audience, book Susan and Freeman to come and keynote at your event together. As a male-female duo Susan and Freeman on stage are beyond dynamic. If you are interested in experiencing the energy of their remarkable partnership at your next meeting, conference or convention, contact us.

Click here  to view Susan & Freeman's ESpeakers Profile to learn more about how to bring Group to TEAM in to your next event or conference.

Click here to view Susan & Freeman's ESpeakers Profile to learn more about how to bring Group to TEAM in to your next event or conference.

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Offerings

*We help you design the program that will meet your organization's unique needs

the experience

When working with our clients, we utilize an "Integrative Approach" to learning, blending online e-learning, webinars, and surveys with live trainings and corporate retreats.  Using varied delivery platforms, we create an experience, which has a profound effect on participants and leads to lasting change within organizations.


We use surveys to gather key data specific to your organization that allows customization of content as well as sets a baseline to measure specific results.   

We follow up all of our trainings with detailed reports outlining objectives, processes and results.  


Prior to each of our live trainings, we invite participants to attend a live preparation webinar.  We find these webinars to be incredibly helpful in jumpstarting the leadership development process. Through our webinars we can begin to establish a premise that grounds participants in key terms, concepts and expectations.  Preparation webinars are one of the valuable tools that make our trainings more effective than typical trainings.


Participants participate in one to two day interactive trainings where they learn about key distinctions as well as develop a new relationship with TEAM as a "personal" commitment. Participants walk out of our trainings with a new experience of TEAM as well as key action steps and commitments to enable successful application of the training right away. 

Post Live Training Survey and Evaluation – We collect data to assess effectiveness and key "take-aways" after every "live" training. This data goes into our report.


The key to lasting change is follow up and follow through.  Participants receive strategic follow up communications to review key team distinctions, gain additional support as well as to reinforce commitments made during the training.   During the "integration" period following the programs, we offer follow up webinars to instigate and support follow through on the part of participants in implementing their learning into their lives.

Post Integration Survey – A survey is usually generated to collect data after the integration period to assess the degree to which participants have implemented what they learned in the training.