coaching & Consulting

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions offers executive coaching and consulting services to CEOs, executive teams and specific departments within organizations to support operational goals and professional development needs. Contact us to learn more about our coaching and consulting services.

"Live" and "online" Training

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions offers in-person seminars as well as online (e-learning) training. Our four marquee programs focus on Customer Service, Team Building & Leadership Development:


Elevating the Customer Experience

This training is direct customer service training. This program is powerful as it serves to motivate and enroll employees in what it takes to elevate the customer experience.


From Group to TEAM

This powerful training focuses on individual buy in. This program works at the level of the inspiring taking personal responsibility for generating a TEAM context


From Group to TEAM is generally offered as a combination of Webinar learning, live training or as a keynote .


Leading to TEAM

"Leading to TEAM" focuses on redefining leadership and how to inspire and enroll people rather than manipulate and control them. We teach that leadership is not a title, and "Leading to TEAM" helps team members take personal and collective ownership of the success of the team, making "Leading to TEAM"a powerful training for every executive, manager and employee.

This program is typically offered as a combination of Webinar learning and live training and coaching.


Building a Culture of TEAM

"Building a Culture of TEAM" is the final module in the Group to Team program offering. This training focuses on deepening team respect, trust and appreciation with the goal of building and maintaining healthy relationships that anchor a solid culture of TEAM. This is a powerful process that invites people to commit and recommit to Build a Culture of TEAM! 

This program is typically offered as a combination of Webinar learning, live training, group coaching and mastermind.


This is an online, self-directed, e-learning course was designed to introduce and reinforce the core principle of our leadership program.



Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions programs are especially effective when delivered in multiple day retreats.  We have a unique three and a half day program that dramatically impacts participants and improves team performance.  We also offer customized programs to meet unique goals and specific needs. Please contact us to learn more about this program.

Keynote Speaking

Susan Leahy MA, CSP

Susan Leahy is an NSA Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) who is known for engaging audiences and eliciting a high level of participation. When Susan is on stage, people tend to have fun while they learn.  She skillfully invites audience members to consider how they are personally generating TEAM in their lives.  Audience members consistently report profound realizations stemming from Susan's talks. Susan Leahy's energy enlivens and inspires audiences and her message that "leadership is not a title" is more essential now then ever before. SUSAN'S GOAL IS TO EMPOWER THE LEADER WITHIN!

Freeman Michaels MA

Freeman is a dynamic and passionate man who crafts entertaining and engaging talks that prompt audiences to explore leadership and the art of generating TEAM. Freeman's grounded, yet engaging style resonates with everyone from executives to housewives. His delivery is energetic yet rooted in sound concepts with practical examples.  No one leaves one of Freeman's talks without something to think about.  The discussions that he launches in his talks have a lasting effect on the organizations who hire him.


How about booking both Susan & Freeman together? While dynamic individually, Susan and Freeman are incredible as a team.  They don't just talk about team they "live it".  If you desire to offer something new and refreshing to your audiences book Susan and Freeman to come and keynote at your event together. As a male-female duo Susan & Freeman on stage are beyond dynamic. If you are interested in experiencing the energy of their remarkable partnership at you next meeting, conference or convention contact us. 

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Offerings

*We help you design the program that will meet your organization's unique needs

the experience

When working with our clients, we utilize an "Integrative Approach" to learning, blending online e-learning,  webinars, and surveys with live trainings and corporate retreats.  Using varied delivery platforms, we create an experience, which has a profound effect on participants and leads to lasting change within organizations.

Surveys and Reports

We use surveys to gather key data specific to your organization that allows customization of content as well as sets a baseline to measure specific results.   

We follow up all of our trainings with detailed reports outlining objectives, processes and results.  

Preparation Webinar

Prior to each of our live trainings, we invite participants to attend a live preparation webinar.  We find these webinars to be incredibly helpful in jumpstarting the leadership development process.  Through our webinars we can begin to establish a premise that grounds participants in key terms, concepts and expectations.  Preparation webinars are one of the valuable tools that make our trainings more effective than typical trainings.

Live Interactive Training

Participants participate in one to two day interactive trainings where they learn about key distinctions as well as develop a new relationship with TEAM as a "personal" commitment. Participants walk out of our trainings with a new experience of TEAM as well as key actions steps and commitments to apply the training right away. 

Post Live Training Survey and Evaluation – We collect data to assess effectiveness and key "take-aways" after every "live" training. This data goes into our report.

Integration Period and Follow Up Webinars

The key to lasting change is follow up and follow through.  Participants receive strategic follow up communications to review key team distinctions, gain additional support as well as to reinforce commitments made during the training.   During the "integration" period following the programs, we offer follow up webinars to instigate an support follow through on the part of participants in implementing their learning into the lives.

Post Integration Survey – A survey is usually generated to collect data after the integration period to assess the degree to which participants have implemented what they learned in the training. 

Basic Program DescriptionS:

PROGRAM 1: From Group to TEAM

Our core training program. This session is for managers and employees who want to experience more TEAM in their work environment.  This program can be offered online via a series of webinars, or for maximum impact, as a blend of both online and live training. TEAM is a synergistic spirit that is achieved when people align their efforts and attention to attain some goal or in pursuit of a commonly held vision.  We introduce the premise that GROUP and TEAM are the only two options, and people organize into one or the other with every choice that they make. Everything a person does, says or even thinks is either propelling them further into GROUP or supporting the possibility of TEAM. We teach that each person is responsible for generating TEAM.  If TEAM can't come through a person then it can't come to them.  TEAM isn't something one must wait to experience. TEAM is something we can create deliberately. Participants emerge from this program with a new vision of TEAM as well as new set of functional skills and practices to support them in creating what everyone wants a little more of in their lives....TEAM! 

PROGRAM 2: Leading to TEAM

This is the second phase of the "From Group to TEAM program". In order to offer Leading to TEAM participants must have attended From Group to TEAM first. This second phase moves fast and goes deep. The focus of this training is on the leadership competencies required to develop a true “TEAM” orientation within an organization. Leading to TEAM is often targeted at mid, upper and c-level executives, but it can also be effective within entire departments and across organization. This program is designed to create a personal shift which leads to new behaviors.  Participants complete the program with a plan, as well as a support system to enroll others in forming and maintaining TEAM.  Graduates of this program confirm that once a high functioning TEAM is in place then motivation, productivity and innovation increase dramatically. 

PROGRAM 3: Empowering the Leader In YOU

This online leadership program is a powerful addition to the From Group to TEAM training options. This self-directed online training covers 12 Key Leadership Distinctions to empower a new model of leadership. Great leaders inspire TEAM, and this online training will support participants in diving deeper into the leadership conversation. Companies are not just looking for good managers, companies need strong leaders to generate TEAM.