Moving From Group to TEAM IS A practice


WELCOME To Your FRoM Group to TEAM journey

Greetings All,

Welcome to this follow up webpage where I will provide you with additional information to support you to successfully continue your Group to TEAM journey. Remember there is no more important commitment that you can make than your commitment to keep generating TEAM! This individual and collective commitment will have a dramatic impact on your success or failure as a company. I am excited about what is unfolding!

In this web page you will find:

#1. The PDF Powerpoint From our February From Group To TEAM Training

#2. Overview of Group to TEAM Content Review

#3.  Access to two Time For TEAM Videos

Holding Each Other in HIGH REGARD

Don't Let DRAMA Drown Your TEAM



Here is some sample content from our training module.

The Core Premise of Group to TEAM

GTT Premise – You only have two options: 1-group or 2-TEAM.

Everything you do, say, think or feel is either keeping you in group or elevating into the experience of TEAM.

The Difference Between a Group and a TEAM


When people are operating from the mindset of “group”, their choices organize around “self-interest”.  When people operate as a team, they are organizing their choices around a “shared interest”.  Group is the default when people come together, while TEAM is a daily commitment and is an experienced that is earned.

Team is not a destination TEAM is an EXPERIENCE you get to keep creating

This is a hugely important point to remind your team members as it has a direct impact on how our daily communication impacts our ability to generate the experience of team. 

The question that our program constantly elicits is:

"Are you going to do what it takes to earn the right to call yourself a TEAM?"

Review the Reflections of a Great TEAM

·      Great TEAMS maintain great communication.

·      Great TEAMS drive great results.

·      Great TEAMS run great meetings

Integrating the “Group to TEAM” Steps

1- Ask the Question: Are we going to be a group or are we going to be a TEAM?

2- Create a TEAM definition: What do we want to think or feel as a result of being on this TEAM?

 3- Continue to ask the question: Are we being a group, right now, or are we being a TEAM?

PRACTICE: Remind each other that you are committed to holding each other in HIGH REGARD! It is easy to become positional. Instead of trying to prove your point commit to holding each other in HIGH REGARD as a way to reset the conversation. 

PRACTICE: DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. Commit to calling out DRAMA by asking the question, "Does this feel like drama?" If both of you answer YES then state your personal anchoring statement and then focus the discussion on SOLUTION. Avoid getting stuck in DRAMA.