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June 6th, 2018 Managers Integration Webinar 

Integration is the focus! Think about how you are going to integrate the Group to TEAM content within your meetings, emails and interactions this week. Your commitment to use this new and simple language will inspire elevated energy and connection. The currency of TEAM is ENERGY, have fun, step outside your comfort zone and interrupt your patterns with some of the Group to TEAM practices. Good Luck!



I go the extra Mile By...

Committed Conversations - Is Your Language Inspiring ACTION?

May 30th, 2018 Managers Training



February 22nd, 2018


Greetings! Susan Leahy and Freeman Micheals here from Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. Welcome to your SJSU Research Foundation's private training webpage. Here Freeman and I will share with you the training PowerPoints, powerful follow up questions as well as additional training content that will keep you motivated, energized and inspired to keep going the EXTRA mile. Remember this customer service training is different because it starts with YOU!! If you give yourself permission to TURN ON TEAM it can't help but generate more energy in your life!  YOU & YOUR LIFE ARE IMPORTANT. And when you choose TEAM for yourself then everyones experience is affected. You, your internal customers and external customers experience the benefit of your choice to choose TEAM. 


“Being of Service & Creating Value Integration Webinar”. 

Monday, March 19, 2018, 12:00 PM PDT - 1:00 PM PDT



Here is some of the core training content from our training 02/22/18.


Group to TEAM Core Premise – You only have two options: 1-group or 2-TEAM.

Everything you do, say, think or feel is either keeping you in group or elevating into the experience of TEAM.


The Difference Between a Group and a TEAM

When people are operating from the mindset of “group”, their choices organize around “self-interest”.  When people operate as a team, they are organizing their choices around a “shared interest”.  Group is the default when people come together, while TEAM is a daily commitment and is an experienced that is earned.

Team is not a destination TEAM is an EXPERIENCE you get to keep creating

This is a hugely important point to remind your team members as it has a direct impact on how our daily communication impacts our ability to generate the experience of team. 

The question that our program constantly elicits is:

"Are you going to do what it takes to earn the right to call yourself a TEAM?"




There are three levels of respect that we discussed in our training. The first two levels DO NOT GENERATE TEAM. These levels actually keep people “locked” in “group”. While these first two levels are generally considered a form of respect, they lack the energetic qualities of generosity and reciprocity. The first two levels of respect are rooted in defensive patters that perpetuate group. Individuals caught in this lower region on the “respect scale” regularly rationalize and defend their behavior by referring to it as respect. Make it your practice to commit to holding your TEAM in high regard. Remember you can disagree with someone and still hold them in high regard. You can misunderstand someone and still hold them in high regard and you can make the powerful choice to hold them in high regard even when you feel like they are not holding you in that space. Your choice will give that person an amazing opportunity to shift their energy to join you. Practice this at the start or end of your meetings. Say this to your team members. Remind yourself as you are speaking. Good luck and have fun!



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ABOUT Co-Founders & Lead Facilitators


Susan Leahy is a loving, powerful committed woman.  She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Confidence Coach. Susan is the creator of The Confident Woman Program a powerful online program that connects women to their confidence while elevating the condition of women worldwide.  #StrongerWomenBetterWorld

Susan is also the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, a training and consulting organization that supports organizations to build a “Culture of TEAM” by empowering the individual.  Susan understands that great TEAMs run great meetings and she is the creator of Robert’s Rules Made Simple, North America's #1 Robert's Rules training program. Susan’s Robert’s Rules webinars and online training products are used by thousands of boards across the US and Canada, to run more effective meetings. 

Freeman Michaels MA

Freeman is a powerful, action-oriented, business coach who co-founded Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions with the intention of shifting corporate culture toward TEAM. Freeman was, himself, a one-time business owner managing dozens of people to achieve a common goal.  Now, Freeman combines his real-life business experience, with decades of dedication to personal growth, leadership and transformation, to help companies transform the way they do business. Freeman firmly believes that when TEAM becomes a cultural value, then engagement, productivity and creativity fuel extraordinary results.

You don’t have to do anything to be a group, but you have to EARN the right to call yourself a TEAM.