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The "Empowering the Leader in You" program is a video based training program which includes 12 key leadership distinctions and is co-hosted by TED Closing Keynote Speaker, Susan Leahy CSP and business coach, Freeman Micheals. This online video based training is an easy way to keep the leadership conversation going and is our gift to TBTA TED Conference Participants! 

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Great Meeting you at TED 2018


Greetings, Susan Leahy MA CSP your TBTA TED 2018 closing keynote speaker! I am a loving, powerful, committed woman and as the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc it was a gift to talk to you about Leading a Winning Culture of TEAM at the 2018 TBTA Texas Education Day.  To keep our conversation going, included on this webpage are some powerful and practical tools that will support you as you continue to build and lead a winning culture of team within your organization. Remember: "Culture is cultivated within the CONTEXT you are living in RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!"  Be courageous enough to get intentional about YOUR context. Also, do not forget to fill out the form above to receive your complimentary access to my online "Empowering the Leader in YOU" 


#2. Team is a powerful mindset

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Enjoy this free video where my Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions business partner Freeman Micheals and I talk about how TEAM is a powerful mindset. When you can connect your culture to TEAM then you can start shifting the context RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Your mindset is a powerful tool. 

#1. Get Intentional

Get intentional about your context by answering the questions below. Context is going to be created, so why not get intentional about what you want to experience. 

  • What do I want to think or feel?

  • What do I want to generate or create? 

  • How am I committing to show up in order to set the context?