What’s in your head? – TEAM is a MINDSET

It is time to talk TEAM with Susan Leahy MA CSP and Freeman Michaels MA who are the co-founders of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions. This video blog talks about the mindset required to generate and sustain TEAM. 

TEAM is a mindset. 

TEAM starts with what we are thinking. First, we must become aware of our thought patterns. Once we can identify and direct our thinking, our actions and our behaviors will follow. We must begin to direct our attention towards shared interest and common goals. One of the key principles that we teach is that TEAM is a personal mindset. 

If it can’t come through you…it can’t come to you!!

In our live and web-based trainings we ask the question:

“Who generates TEAM?”

This is a crucial question to answer because many of us give the power to create team to forces outside of ourselves. We blame circumstances or “the system” for preventing team. Often we give the power to people who we view as “better” or more important than us because of their titles, age, or perceived intelligence. 

Consistent and sustainable TEAM does not occur because of luck or circumstances. We needn’t wait for someone else to give us permission to create TEAM. We don’t need to find just the right selection of people to produce a powerful TEAM. Nor do we need to wait for certain people to “get it” for us to spawn amazing teams. TEAM stems from how we “show up”. TEAM comes from our personal commitment to collaboration, “win/win”, mutual respect, etc. 

The answer to the question, “who generates team” is:

“I generate TEAM.”

TEAM is an offer that we come to embody by how we think and act. TEAM is reflected in how we order and organize our choices. TEAM is a generous offer. It is offer that supports us in living a more fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

A key Group to TEAM premise is that there are only two options. You are either reinforcing Group or you are generating TEAM. 

Questions to Consider:
What do you think, feel, or experience when you are in a group?

What do you think, feel, or experience when you are on a TEAM?

Answers we often hear during our trainings:
“When I am in TEAM I feel seen, heard and cared about.” “TEAM invites win-win.”

We can hold both group and TEAM mindsets at the same time. We simply have to continue to choose TEAM. Making the choice to deliberately shift our mindset regularly towards TEAM more generous and more fulfilling. 

Choose to think TEAM - it feels better!